Aliens & Alcoholics

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Went to my cool-box
'cos dude, was I dry
20 bottles empty,
So I looked to the sky
I see bright lights
And an Alien ship
20 Greys in a daze:
Each havin' a sip

Taking samples from my brew
They tried to leave for outer-space
Crash-landed in my back-yard
'cos the pilot... 'cos the pilots off his face

Aliens & Alcoholics
Area 51 here we come

Climbing from the wreckage
came a beast with 50 eyes
Said to me "man, crack a can...
or else you're gonna die!"
I'm getting drunk withE.T.
Watching re-runs of "X-Files"
Earth invasion cancelled
As the pubs are drunk dry for miles

Come on lads...
Agents in black helicopters
Circle round my lawn
Search-lights target monsters
That beer has caused to spawn
"nice planet - lets take it!"
Aliens in their multitude
Descend upon my town
Exit-velocity... can never be attained
Fuel-rods & beer kegs... have been drained

Aliens & Alcoholics...
Area 51 - here we come!

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