A Literary Love Song

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Oh how I wish that you were here with me
To listen to the stupid song I sing
Adjectives and nouns for all to hear
From an oxymoron to your ear
You're every comma and every quote
Of every word in every sentence that I wrote
From my mouth do these words spew
Every single syllable for you
If I string the words together right
You should see, you should be
With me tonight
Please open your thesaurus wide
So I can put my dictionary inside
My participle's long been dangling
Please conjugate me if you can
You're every vowel in every verb
And every word of every paragraph and blurb
I don't wanna be a footnote
Capitalize me and indent me
Please add my chapter to your index
I need your plagiarism
You give great definition
Dewey decimal system
If you don't trust me
Check my bibliography
And hear me sing...

Autor(es): Dave Lake

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