Bo Bruce


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Walking down the highway
Traffic's coming my way
All I see are flashing lights
People there in blue suits
Wanna know the real truth
How many did I have tonight
Looking at the wreckage
Anyone would guess that all inside had died
But I'm alive

Wake up in a strange bed
Angels over my head
One of them is shouting clear
A thousand bolts of lightning bring me back to life
And it's a miracle that I'm still here
As I'm coming to, I'm screaming out for you
I need you by my side
Now I'm alive

No, I didn't pray to god
No, I never saw a light
No, I didn't watch my life go flashing right before my eyes
No, I didn't do the things that they all said that I would do
I just closed my eyes and all I saw was you

All the things in my head
Everything left unsaid
I never got a second to say
Know that I adored you the moment that I saw you
Just terrified you'd push me away
Clearer now and slowly
Just want you to hold me
What are we waiting for?
We're alive

If I don't die lying in a wreck
Then I'd live another day that I'd brought you
No, I don't have regrets
Just things I never said you