Happy Campers

All Alone

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Two in the morning,
disturbing phone call
From a mother's trembling
face the tears begin to fall
Midnight race to the hospital
but it's already to late
Few too many beers and a set of car keys
claimed another victims fate

Mass hysteria on the final night
Oxygen masks mixed with angels flight
So many questions to which
no answers will be found
As another piece of your family
will soon be laid into the ground

Makes the calm crazy,
drives the strong to their knees
Nothing runs deeper than
the blood of the family
No longer feels the pain
inflicted by his lifestyle too wild
No one has felt pain
like the mother whose lost her child

Some will remember the troubles he caused
His fall backs and and personality flaws
We'll reminisce to the days gone by
And hear memories of laughter
between a mother's cries

Time will pass, some will forget
There remains one whose wounds
have not healed yet
All have lives of their own
All will grieve and move on
But one's pain will never be gone
A mother is all alone
All Alone (repeat).

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