All Fall Together

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Some kind of danger
Bangin' down my door
And I can't change it
Like I did before
And I don't understand it
The way you twist my mind
Spinning 'round, 'round, 'round all the time

Some kind of somethin'
You turned out to be
Got to tell me just one thing
What you want from me
'Cause I don't understand it
When it feels so good
I wouldn't forget your face if I could

I have seen the truth in you

I don't wanna want you
I don't wanna need
You got me blind
So I can't find
The forest for the trees
I don't wanna want you
I just don't wanna bleed
Let it all fall together

But some kind of mercy
Ain't you got no shame?
Just a little bit of mercy
When you say my name
Because I don't understand it
I never play this way
But it all falls together anyway

I have seen the truth in you


Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon