All For One

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Hear Ye
There is a riot in the town
Gather up your horses swords at the ready
No chance
Like a candle in the wind
Fighting for the sake of the King and Country

As sure as the sea is blue
We're gonna run those rascals through
With the steel that shines so bright
In the magic of the night
No one gets the upper hand
In our green and pleasant land
Hear the call
All for one, One for all
All for one, One for all
Standing high, hear the call
All for one, One for...
Solid as a rock with swords in the air

Speak man
You've got to tell us where they are
The peasents are revolting, so are you
There's not a beggar to be seen
Where are the cowards of the revolution


I smell a rat
Floating on the breeze hiding in the trees
No Chance
They'll never take us alive
Not just a man, but walking fire


Autor(es): Raven