The O. C. Supertones

All Glory

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All around the world every time it’s told
The story always sounds like this
The powerful will use that power to kill
The poor are used up by the rich
The righteous in chains and the innocent slain
All for the wicked man’s gain
And the fool believes that god cannot see
He has no fear of his name

All the world will lift its eyes
The time will come, our god will rise!
All glory, all power, hallelujah
A day will come and god will fight
And all the wrongs will be made right!
All glory, all power, hallelujah

The rebel’s gun and the tyrant’s tank
Are gonna be fuel for the flame
And sweet relief for those who grieve
When the day of the lord is proclaimed
And without a shot shot or a single bomb dropped
The killing machine will forever stop
There’ll be no more war when the prince of peace
Tells all of the world his name

Unto our god, we lay it down
Before the throne, before the crown
To you oh god, we give ourselves
Be lifted high, above all else

Autor(es): The O.C. Supertones

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