All Of Us

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At the corner of City and Cleveland Roads
Were the most eclectic people I've known
Getting drunk at night to pass the time
At ten we'd arrive and stagger home at five
Climbing through the roof to play some pool
You only beat me cause of different rules
Norwegian parties up in Glebe
Were the best times to bring VB

And all those times I will remember
The start of July until December
Leaving me with memories of certain things
When it was just all of all us, what a rush

Getting a house in the mountains
Another swig but no one's counting
Sitting up high in the tower
One too many gave us the power
The power to wrestle at the beach
With the light beer in our reach
Getting up on stage to sing our song
Even sitting out we'd sing along.

It's not over,
And even though the time has passed
It still feels like
I am with you