All There Is To Say

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There's a deep dark place in the heart of us all
Quick praise for the foll
Time and tide wait for no man
The devil finds work for idle hands
They say the meek shall inherit the earth
This is a truth we can all understand

There's an altered state in the heart of your mind
Folks laughing you once maligned
Fortune favours the brave man
Wherever you tread you find shifting sands
Raise a glass to the greater good
You are someone we now understand

You've been a victim, this will go nowhere
The wizard leaves you hanging in mid-air
Time and tide wait for no man
The Devil makes work for idle hands
Empty vessels make the most sound
Your crew on the bridge and they're watching you drown

When I meet my judgement day
And I finally have my say
I'll look for your face in the crowd
Cry that name out loud

We will leave no stone unturned
Old bridges long since burned
Nothing left undone
No song in our hearts unsung

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