All The Way Through

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They will try to take this from you
Nothing that I can say will get you to listen
Nor should it
It's what makes youth so blissful
I did not wanna hear it either
But maybe just a warning?
And you can keep your eyes peeled for the signs
You will know them because it'll be an adult
Talking about your youth
While speaking in absolutes

They'll tell you that you're gonna level off too
That nothing stays all dreamy and breathless and bursting at the seems

Does growing old mean growing strong enough
To kill you sentimental side
And set free all those little butterflies
From the cage that housed your beating heart?
I'd rather die than see them go
Can't wipe these pretty songs from my eyes

What broke and made you look up at the stars in the sky
And see only the stars
And the sky?

Poison words prey on love-sick minds
Sometimes I feel that they don't even know they're telling lies