(Baby) I Want You Gone

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I've got love, a good life
Everything is alright
What do you want from me?

You always try to bring me down
Could it be jealousy?

Everything I do is not good enough
from your perspective
Boy, I'm wrong... Noooo!!!
You say you still believe in us
You're just pretending
as if I don't know... but I know (oh, oh)!!!!

When you see me, please don't talk
You've said it's all my fault
I'm hurting and you're the cause
Baby, I want you gone!!!!
It was over from the start
Played games with my heart
You've gone way to far
Baby, I want you gone!!!

I'm young, it's alright
I need to grow without you, can't you see

So I'll say goodbye to all the heartache
and the misery

Pre-chorus Chorus

No more debating
Got nothing to prove anymore, anymore

Now we've both reached the finish
We're done and we're through
Time to go, you should know

Chorus (2x impro/variation)