Eric Hutchinson

All Used Up

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Maybe we're both really to blame
But I know that's simply my way
Of over-justifying
I should've lied to your face
Maybe we could have kept trusting
And always relying
But instead we ended up
Right where we started
Minus the promises
We left behind
I guess I thought I could
Leave you broken-hearted
Step back re-configure
And you wouldn't mind
Till we're going down swinging

I could've warned you
I should've told you
But I guess I expected you'd know
I wasn't lying now I'm done trying
To convince you that I'll never go
Cause we're all used up

I had a card up my sleeve
Question is whether I knew
It was a crime
Who are we supposed to believe
Both of us left wondering
If I'm bluffing the whole time
And now we appear here
In this house of mirrors
Distorting re-living
Till there's nothing at all
What made us think
It would get any clearer
It looks like we set ourselves
Up for the fall
Till we're going down swinging

Please don't talk to me
Let's pretend that'll do the trick
Please pass me by on the street
It makes me sick
Cause we're all used up

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