Along For the Ride

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"When I Wake Up in the Morning
And She's There By My Side
Well Consciousness It Leads Me
Just Along For the Ride
To the Carnival She Takes Me
With Her Hand Touchin Mine
She Whispers Her Wishes
And I'm Feelin Just Fine
She Dances in the Light
She Buys Me New Records
A New Suit and a Tie
We Eat At Nice Places
And Laugh At the Faces
That Watch Us Walk By
Just Along For the Ride
And I Find Myself Lovin Her
And I Wanna Tell Her So
Then I See Her With Another Man
Comin Out of the Show
She Never Lied
Just Along For the Ride
When I Wake Up in the Morning
I Feel Disgust Inside
My Mind's Fastened On Her
But She's Got Another Passenger
Who's Along For the Ride
Along For the Ride
Just Along For the Ride"

Autor(es): Jackopierce