Dr. Dog

A Long Time Ago

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I'm on loan, like a christmas tree
Chop me down and dress me up
What if I wind up in a gutter
Or a garbage truck.

Turn the clocks back to a memory
Turn the memory to stone
Skip that stone across the brandy wine
And go back home

There's a bird you named
Who left your shoulder long ago
There's a ball you threw
It hit the ground a long time ago
A long time ago, A long time ago

Let me go...

I woke up from a fairy tale
Washing curtains in the sink
Living ever after happily
What would mother think?

I say goodbye to you
You and your mother too
And when the train arrives
When everybody cries

I'll ride the winded air
That blows your stormy hair
And blows your cares away
And waits for yesterday to say
I'm coming Home

I'm Coming Home...