A Love Story

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The Boy:
"So girl, why? Why the long and tired face?
All work and haste? Yeah - life has a sour taste!"

The Girl:
"We're three floors up with the living rooms flickering light, and it is night for real, it's surreal
I've got no signs of sleep and yet the clock is showing 3 am, and it's always the same when I feel restless
I want to split these shifts, divide them into night and day,
if that's OK, coz I think I've had enough

So soothe me and I'll give you anything for the relief of sleep!"

The Boy:
"Zappa sounds nice, "Apostrophe" then "Grand Wazoo"
My happy thoughts are seldom true, but they're painless"

The Girl:
"Sigh then cry, when nothing really comes out right
And it's without a fight that my steps, they feel too light
Outside the sky is a cloudy maze
And the rain falls heavy on my naked face
So I dream of us, and we live in the pacific blue
Where there's coconuts for both me and you...!

The Girl:
"I'm only one short minute away from breaking!

I Love the lies we love to tell
But I feel sick by the mere smell of
You, I think I've reached the point of no return

The Girl:
"I'll pack my things and then be out of here tomorrow night,
I'm in this crazy state of mind, but I feel alright"

The Boy:
"But please, kiss me once more! Don't leave, please stay, I love you so
Can't we talk this out, you CAN'T just go!"

The Girl:

"Goddamn, oh man, don't be such an ass!
All good things we know in life must pass"

The Boy:
"But our history! Ah, well we go way back wh..."

The Girl:
" oh please, give me a break!
I'm leaving now, to stay would be to fake!"

The Boy:
"I can't realize she's gone
Our lives together had just begun
Maybe I should just lay down and die
This must be some kind of dream and maybe I will wake up if I scream...

Seasons change, we rearrange the time we spend, we almost never see each other anymore, it's easy to avoid when there's a scheme to follow, you seem hollow, life has sucked the life out of you...

Oh dear! Are you really here?

Musky smells and wedding bells, make my tea then sit close with me in this couch, I understand what's wrong, but there's nothing to put my finger on your shoulder, I want to hold her, I still love her though I'm so tired

Oh dear! Is death anywhere near?

Oh, I love you so much my darling...if you come back to me, strolling right in here with your sunshine of a smile on your face, I would...I mean...I didn't mean to be such a lazy fool, you know I... I just love you too much... If you come to me I promise we will go out to a fancy restaurant, I'll buy of course I'll buy! I will bring you flowers everyday and I will DO THE DISHES if you... so you can rest and just relax...I will never beg for never...I will always put you're my NUMBER know that darling, baby! The love of my life...there's no one else... I love you so MUCH - if you don't come back to me I think I'm gonna die!