Alteration of Destiny

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Fate modification is designed as your necessity
It cannot be treated as common as invariability

Lived his boring and hopeless life so quietly, so peacefully
His presence in the future seems to be perceiving negatively

Being nameless man deprived of soul - feeling nude
You have to force internally to change your attitude
Prepare yourself for approaching new part of you
Alter your destiny - do what you have to do

Avoiding sensations that could bring him to a bad end
To make all his finished up plans fail - impossible to mend

What was supposed to happen seems to look obviously
Now he knows that he can change his own life continuously

Unprepared by his simplified life for higher tasks
Steering himself by putting on his twisted mask
Suddenly realized that there's another he within
Creating shell over his life - nobody can close in

Unable to come out from the crowd - feeling completely void
Didn't need any help from outside or obstacles to avoid

Pass through his life - abandoned by plaintive dreams
Reaching his place in this world - too hard as it seems

Autor(es): Martin Urbas / Sceptic