Amy Martin


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Spilled some black coffee
On my pink shirt
Fought with my baby and we both got hurt
It's 10 am on a Monday
And I'm feeling like dirt
And it's gonna be a hell of a day
My dog is limping on a sore paw
My neighbor woke me up with his smoker's cough
It's the prettiest morning that you ever saw
But it's gonna be a hell of a day
Sing it sister, speak it friend
Here we all are in our world without end
With our endless worries and our meaningless ends
Can somebody give me an amen
The president is as crazy as a crock of doodle doo
And he inspires all his enemies to go crazy too
So they start swinging
And leave the world black and blue
And it's gonna be a hell of a day
How 'bout we put all the fanatics in a padded cell
The ones who say they're bound for heaven
And everyone else is bound for hell
They can argue it out among their bull-headed selves
And let the rest of us go on with our days

So I prayed to the Goddess like I like to do
I said, hey there Mama, here's a big thank you
For everything that's hard for me to hold on to
In this holy hell of a day
And she said, I'm glad you're grateful
For what I'm dishing out
For all the confusion and all of the doubt
Because you can be sure you'll never be without
Your share of unhappy days