Amenti -The Lamp Ov The Desert

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I am the dreamer of what you call life...

For I feed my fields with ki and breath from the oceans of divinity...

Join me or pass in the dead end of of your mortal tribes...


This is my words of fire to the heavens I speak the words of sacred fire..

I am the dreamer..the creator of darkness..

Ra,is my father of the endless light...

The vessel of highest divinity...

Dwelling in parallel worlds and speak the words of harpocrates..

From malkuth to yesod from heavens to the deeps of amenti..

I am the reflection of venomous kiss and these are my words:

... Urvan ameretat me nemah' ya I...


I like a fierce storm wind, I unleashed the tempest!"

For I shall spit venom in the face of the weak and joy to my children...

The tongues of fire speaks the words of the legacies..

Beware the breaking of the seventh seal!


To the call of the night you obey, with the face of fire you reveal the veil of death

With the eyes of the raven grant vision to this lustful flesh...

νEctar inebriation become the black sabbaths

Orgies of the night you betray..

Oh mistress of the night grant wind and breath on this bloody face!

The words are spoken.


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