American Standard

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Another rung up is progress in motion,
the people with the power of hope no notion
Of allowing this to become again,
where it was when we started now in our end
We all fall to the hands of the reducers,
a mouth for war as they try to succeed us
Counter parts of our own can't be trusted,
Lied, cheated, and raped then lusted

We stand as woman and man
With pride that is in our hands
By the wayside we all lie
To selfishness we die

Understand we're in a country that is to fall,
women, children, first make this our call
To alleviate all of that in which we now lie,
hate, deciet in a system that will never try
To support us all in the time we spent,
we vote them in, but ask if they'll commit
Or do they that of a pacifier,
change the truth for self gain another liar
But in the end you have a choice to make,
the lesser of two evils is still fake

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