Mental Home

Amidst the Waves

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All these days, her voice is inside my soul
See her face, she turns my life into pain
Sleepless nights, her spirit in the mirror
Inner sights, it's driving me insane
In the lake she roams amidst the waves
Water keeps her spirit under rain
In this world she lives in restless pain
Trouble waltz I'm dancing all insane

Summer night, I walk in marble orchard
Seek her grave, she cannot be alive
In the dark I'm reading ancient scriptures
Cannot find the place where ends her life

In the dark I look at the mirror
It seems covered with blood, I step behind
In madness I take a stone and smash this fucking glass
Suddenly I hear the voice
You don't know the mirrorland
And therefore you make a mistake
It is right, Jane is dead
Her soul's enslaved in the lake
Do you understand me?
Now I show you how she died...

Autor(es): Sergey Dimitriev

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