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I see the fragments of my dreams,
Shattered on the ground
Everything is Lost

I gave you everything I had,
but you were never satisfied
I can´t stand it anymore

I sacrifice my soul to you,
thought you could save my fucking life
I´m too weak to carry on

But with your cold eyes full of pain,
you always forced me to the ground
I have to stop it now

I step into your face
I´ll force you to the ground
I tell you why we´re close
Wanna hear you cry

I pull out my knife
Wanna cut your flesh
Want to see your blood
come out of your bones

I want to break your bones
show you my kind of pain
I want to suck your brain
Out of your head

I pull out your eyes
I tear out your heart
I rape your fucking body
'Cos I know you are dead

Autor(es): Terminal Choice

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