For Squirrels

Antigen Fiend

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This is a jabberwocky,
revolter's jacquerie
revolver's imagination, subrosa's drag
on the nation
the statue of libertease, drinks
poison daiquiris
mosquito's face sucks the iris, tru
love's herpes virus

I am a helium monster
Emit uranium constants
with misanthropic antenna
T.V. nirvana's dilemma
Alluvium do-si-do
for poetic helix glow
shines martyr cool culture scene
a vulture
Antigen fiend, I'm complicated as an
Dyslexic spite is so random, still read
my mom and madam
An acronym atrophy, your tip is
antigen fiend
I wanna kick on your ass wanna fuck up
your scene
wanna smell all your sass and be your...
I'm sick of trying to rhyme
sick of whining to mean
sick of sick all the time
sick of antigen fiend