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[Pre-Hook: Mann]
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Westside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Eastside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up Hey
Rollin up, Rollin UP Southside
Rollin Up, Rollin Up...

[Hook: Mann]
I gotta bad bitch on my team
Making money I'm doing my thing
I'm the Man, I'm the Man and
I'm smoking weed in Amsterdam
I'm all that and a dub sack
Up all night just counted my racks
I'm the Man, I'm the Man and
I'm smoking weed in Amsterdam

Traveling across the globe
Life, Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll
First question when we stop is "Who got's the Dro"
Cause you know the youngin' got to smoke
Something proper though
Retro west coast flow for 'em
Had my first driving lessons at the Forum
Niggas envy. Ladies adore him
Everybody want to be friendly
Once they see that he on, on
On some different shit
No dirty Money, Nall Homie my shit legit
Kickin' raps making racks to spit lyrics
Man I went over seas and hit a lick
Do you want to know how much I'm making in pounds?
Man I'm breaking it down. They not making a sound
They was hating back then, They ain't saying shit now
Because I'm in Amsterdam, and blazing it down, Owww


Double brought me over, Chase and J came with me
Got Steve lifted in the Red light District
I love my life nigga, wish that all of ya'll could live it
Record label budgets, Black Cards, no limits
Far from where I started but I don't feel different
Ain't shit change this should of always been my image
Young Nigga Getting it, just a young nigga getting it
That's who I was when I started that's who I'll be until I finish
Everybody I fuck with got to be Bout it
VIP section crowded and cloudy
Rolling up that loud, repping the Dannon Proudly
Smoking weed in Amsterdam where they found me


[Post Hook]

[Dj Quik:]
A day in the Life of my main nigga Mann
Put Dj Quik on your mixtape and you can fuck up the land
Compton is the Brand, West LA got them strands of kush
That keep you walking west to see the fish in the sand
Something bout the coast, makes me want to boast
Let's do it like Julius Ceasar with Champagne and roast
White grapes and some cheese, this shit is a breeze
I'll read Jet Magazine while I check that Green
Now what's your motivation if you got no passport
What's the situation if your bumming a newport
Sugar Free help me introduce them to new sports
Get them out the country get these niggas on a new course