The Scarred


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I'm living down by Linbrook bowl where things don't look so pretty
Cast your eyes up on the I-5 and Welcome to my city
where tourist's don't drive, out to the west side where no one walks alone
Fireworks that glitter ain't gold and Priced out of a home

What was once the knife's turning to gun
A coat of cheap new paint over the slum
The Neon's disappearing one by one
Remodel - remodel - and take out all my fun

I walk past Linda's and Chain, but nothing's going on
Feels like I could go insane, Mariachi blaring on
Well, Mickey Mouse don't love the poor when they're knocking on his door
Is it any wonder I can't take it anymore?

We're begging for a capitalist catastrophe
Drive past the unlucky ones you see
Rats in tunnels under Crescent street
Now living at the top of the palm tree

Follow me, I'm getting out
I don't want to stick around
Pack my bags forget this town
Anaheim is burning down