Anairam Truth

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This is it anairam truth - give up - keep fucking thing's up
When she'd find out about yourself she laughted and refuse all what you had to say
I'm sorry for telling the truth but she fucking hates you
God damn it - i can't understand why can you understand - you threw ourselves against the all
I can't take it - i won't come back in time for you - i'm sorry but i can't
It doesn't matter how many years has passed through us i always think you
It doens't matter if you lock me in your past i still remember the love we had
You spent a whole year by her side and you didn't get it - why didn't you get how she rolls
You will die and i'm sure she won't give a single fuck
Get over it - move on - it's been a long time since all this bullshit fell apart bro
I'm telling get a fucking life - i'm asking you - get a life - you fucked up my life - admit it