The Hourglass

Ancient Hope (Part 1 - Denial)

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For us time is meaningless
Cus we have never met the sun
Here the night is endless
And the moon was never done

Are we victims or fools?
Or simply invented tools
In desperate existence we will live
And the liar hope he will give

We've been here for centuries
And we'll be for many more
For we are only nameless shadows
Live in search for a hidden door

The footprints are the history of our lives
Built from fear - a sea of lies
Can we really make it out of here?
Empty words we only hear

Stop!! The time is done
The change must come
Now!! Unleash the truth
And change all the rules

In the name of fate
You annihilate, you create
Now!! The time is done
The change must come

The family still wants to believe
Maybe hope they only seek
No one listened to me that day
That the light will fade away

Now!! I'm again
Where dreams lost in vain
Stop!! The time is done
The change won't come

I cracked down a fake smile
Fearing their denial
The truth they won't see
It will die forever with me

And shall not I reveal what has yet to come
Nor shall I deny the forthcoming betrayal
For the face of truth will be masked forever
And all the burden will be mine
We all..Shall fall

And we're still walking.

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