Ancient Portal

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Dark depths of earth are hidden in secrecy
Which lies in door to another reality
Gate left here by an Ancient Entity
Preserved in time for all to see

Wastelands manufactured
By Gods from the skies
No one can live here
No matter how hard he tries

[chorus 2]
And then appears an ancient portal to another dimensions
After million years of sleeping , destroyed all expectations
Unusual monument of an ancient civilization
Has started events from beyond human imagination

The natural resources disappeared without trace
All human beings died with twisted face
The whole known world lost under the sands
There's no life forms left in these lands

[Solo: Jacek]

Origin of the unknown
And dreams you dream
Should be thrown - away
The only choice is scream

On this burnt ground
Molecules dispersed long ago
An entire planet
Exterminated by unknown foe

[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus 2]

Autor(es): Sceptic