Simon Says

And By The Water

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[Simon, shaving in the bathroom mirror:]
Here, naked I stand
The flesh and blood that constitutes a man
So treat my body well and save my soul from ...

[A sudden rush of emotions iterrupts Simon's thoughts. Images parade at a frantic pace as he feels the floor glide away. Dizzy by vertigo he floats weightless through an everchanging tapestry of events. Then everything stops and he finds himself on a sandy beach, dark cliffs looming above. As the moon appears, he realizes he has been here before. This is where the music begins.]

[Simon, laying down on the white sand:]
And by the water
Stillness comes at last and so I sleep
Whispering the wind of secret dreams
And promises to keep
There she comes to me and says she'll set me free
She takes my hand and leads me to the lake
The moon shines in her hair
Like faeries dancing there
Bewildered by her beauty I awake

[The Siren's Song]

And by the water
I tried my best to never let it show
For years just a memory
A dream that I once lived so long ago
Then she comes to me, she smiles and sets me free
The living lie dies through my tearstained eyes
Waves roll in so I can shed my skin
Breathe in some air, then smell the scent and open
Eyes shine in the dark, showing me the way
Eyes follow the spark, that will lead the day
To guide my way
The way to truth and hope and love