James Vincent McMorrow

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

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the wind changed, the first day that you came through
cut the corn, washed it clean
now everything thats ever gone before, is just a blur
it's all because of you
and now i find, this cities like a stranger to me
i once was fooled by cadillacs and honey
but no one feels like you
not like you
not like you
not like you

cause even though the flower fades something takes it's place
a marching band on a sunny day, two pretty eyes or a a pretty face

then in the forest i made my home
lay down on hard and ancient stone
then if my heart should somehow stop
i'll hang on, to the hope
that you're not too late
that you're not too late

and there are times i know when i will have to chase you
the further from my side you go, the longing grows
and though i hate this, i'll still want you,
i will hate this, but i'll still want you

even though the flower dies somethings by it's side
a helping hand or a kiss goodbye, to ease it on it's way

Autor(es): James Vincent McMorrow

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