Don't You Marry

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Baby, don’t you marry no farming man
Put a rake and a shovel right in your hand
Don’t you marry no railroad man
When you want him he won’t be on hand.

So don’t go marrying no business man
Got too much monkey business on his hands
Don’t go marry no jellybean man
Got too many women on his hands.

Just take me back
Baby won’t you take me back
I won’t do one little thing
That you don’t like.

O’ don’t you marry no banker man
He’ll take all your money from your hand
No, don’t you marry no finance man
He’ll slap a big mortgage right in your hand.

Don’t you marry no travelin’ man
Always bummin’ off round in foreign lands
Don’t you marry no singer man
He’s the brokest feller in the band.

Don’t marry no soldier nor sailer man
Always sailing off and drinking in a distant land
Don’t marry yourself no mariner man
Put the invasion barge right in your hands

Autor(es): Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg

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