The Taxpayers

And The Damn Thing Bit Him!

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Throw the shutters down!
Now, honey, wipe the city clean;
Wooden matches and soda cans with kerosene.
Got a bad idea and an awful position.
Back up, no hesitation -
Relay the news to the television station:
People are stupid and easy to lie to, still.

Get a job! Go to work!
Wipe the sweat right off on your shirt.
(Black and white tunnel-vision views for a new situation)
So hats off to the person who can swallow the news
that you can have your pride, but you can eat it too.
See, it's simple to swing yourself back and forth
again and again...

Consistency is what they call "suck city" -
The debt grows deep and your life turns shitty.
So fuck "making it work" -
Circumspection is a notion reserved for jerks.
My love was a race in the night by a blinding white moon,
But she got ripped to parts by a massive typhoon.
She says, "Success is joke in the nude
and disappointment is a paycheck spent on food."

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