There's More True Lovers Than One

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Look out acrost that sea and see those breakers swell
How many a love it's washed away no human tongue can tell
Nobody can ever solve that dark sea's mysteries
How many a love has bloomed and blown the same as you and me

There's more true lovers than one
There's more true lovers than one
Cast out aside by every tide
There's more true lovers than one

I looked acrost that sea to see them whitecap breakers rise
True love comes in like an ocean tide and like the wind it flies
Upon these moonlit sands how many a vow was sworn
How many a heart has tossed and broke while love went rolling on

The moon so high above sees many a kiss exchanged
Sees many a heart that has to part to never return again
We carv'd our names in the sand where love's great waters roll
But names untold have washed away while love goes rolling on

Autor(es): Woody Guthrie, Jonatha Brooke

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