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The night was perfect, only like divine yes,
you promised to love me, till the end of the time
(whispering: till the end of the time)
Now all the love, love and hope is gone,
yes you lied and coldly broke my heart
(whispering: coldly broke my heart)
We were symbols of love and passion,
We had something that no one could steal from us,
(but) is this the last goodbye?
Night after night,
I feel your presence in my heart,
It's like an anguish in my mind
that reminds me of your lies,
of your lies in my heart
Something really, really did go wrong,
how can you live with yourself and keep denying
it all?
(whispering: denying it all)
Who do think, think your fooling?
Your regrets doesn't mean nothing at all
(whispering: oh baby, nothing at all)

Autor(es): Juha Kylmänen / Juhani Heikka