Enuff Z'nuff


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Engaging social with my violent reactor.
It drives me crazy, buy another round.
Along comes baby, she's a positive factor.
I've never seen this one this part of town.
All wrapped up in yesterday,
Never noticed they were passers through.
Say goodbye to my girlfriend,
Kissed her face.
Guess that's all she'll ever do.

I'm aroused.
What more can I say?
So aroused.
And I like it that way.

My legs are shaking with a nervous infection.
And she comes shaking down to my detour.
So tired of the girls that live in deception,
Now awakened by the one with more.
With her hair uncertain on her face,
Adds a flavor to her flashy clothes.
Yeah she's a bird
And I'm a tomcat on the chase.
Blinked her eyes and I arose.

Autor(es): Donnie Vie

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