Son, Ambulance

An Instant Death

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I was born and I died
Happened right before your eyes and still you wanted something more than silence out of me
I was hiding
I've been lying sick in bed and trying
Now it's too late for perfection
You won't see my face again
Last night I was struck paralyzed
With blood all lost yet imprisoned inside
A voice in the choir blending in
What's the point of singing these old standards again?
Just keep circulating

I was touching my green lover when her roots broke from the stem
She's moving out her parents' house and never returning
So I asked her for a signal that she love me for sure and she spelled it out in letter blocks - placed it right there in my head
Then she kidnapped and reminded me of all the grief I had caused
Like time you can't stall now it's punishing us all

Midnight stung asleep in a web with a dream of escaping start new in the morning
Yellow leaves strung from trees bend and snap and conceive
Are you happy?
All these sights and sounds go unrecorded except a door crashing now in it's frame and an egg falling now in a dark filthy hallway
In a bleak helpless sky I saw the sunrise

And I watched that little baby raise his hand to throw a snowball singing "I must kill my father so that the sorrow can end"
And he crawled back in the water for a breath that he took and stretched 'cause every time you discover is like being born again
Looking through some color pictures I never felt so much joy as when I reach an understanding

(Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

(Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah)

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