An Ode To Orange County and It's Scene, Or Lack Thereof

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What you say will be held against you.
What'd you do? They're all looking at you!
Portrait of a dying scene: Image is everything in OC.
It sucks

Call your friends, cause flyering won't do shit.
I hate these clubs, promoters can suck it.
I don't want to play another show
at Chain Reaction or Hogue Barmichael's.
They suck

You know it, you're well aware.
Take part and do your share.
Fag your hair and wear your sister's jeans:
start a clothing company!

'Cause everybody loves the trends!
What's with all these hardcore bands?
A hundred tickets for a show on a Monday night.
That's how it goes.

Just an Ode to OC and its scene, or lack thereof.

What makes you think that you are any different?
Ten million bands in the Land of Competition.
Can't believe we were so naïve.
Why'd we ever start a band in the OC?
It sucks.
The Orange County scene sucks.