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Time and space were always immutable
These creations are barely detectable
Therefore this unique balance must be remained
In order to the totality could be still maintained

Over us - eternal threatening
Living constantly intimidating
Examining this disturbance
Without chance to exert any influence

Anomalies rule our worthless world perpetually
Become for all living creatures so commonly
Passing the test of taking control over these actions
Being uncertain if it won't drive us into destruction

Observing the appearance of spatial distortion
Attempting to modify kept natural proportions
At the end of cosmos unleashed from its shrine
Throughout the galaxy's coming ever lasting sign

Beyond the distant, unreachable, darkest locations of cosmos
Place where imagination and mind, time and space are mixed
Spacecrafts incapable to get so far, to the end of the universe
Where immense gravity loads are just a very beginning of the worse

Where you have to face and survive your inner weaknesses

Autor(es): Martin Urbas / Sceptic