A Scene In Replay

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The road lies ahead
And I stand, I see
All these years has been hard to me
Remembering you, how it used to be

I've followed my dreams and as time passed by
The choices I made did seem right at the time
Deep in my mind a scene in replay
And all I could say is goodbye

I run away, didn't look back
Opened my heart to find there's no another way
My heart is not around anymore
But in my mind I remember when you walked out the door

On the road is where I choose to be
Never needed love, just too blind to see
But the past caught up with me
Oh, I'm falling into misery


[Chorus x2]



[Chorus x2]

Autor(es): Andreas Johansson / Jan Thore Grefstad / Ronny Milianowicz

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