A Single Second

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Oh My God! My God This Can't Be Happening!
God Tell Me, Tell Me This Isn't Real!
I Can't Believe All That I Have
Foreseen Is Finally Happening.
I Cannot For a Single Second Stand the Way I Feel.
I Always Knew. I Always Saw It Coming.
Enveloped Now, Encased By My Worst Fear.
I've Never Felt the Nausea of Longing to Feel Nothing,
I Never Wanted to Cease To
Exist, Just Disappear. Fear Memories Are All That Lie Ahead.
Never Have I Felt So Lost. Memories Dull My Senses.
Fear Tragedy Is All That Lies Ahead.
Never Have I Felt So Dead.
Once Felt So Warm, no I'm Fucking Freezing.
I Am the Once Embraced Abandoned One.
I Raised My Eyes Up to the Light in Hopes of Finding Healing;
No Relief Was Mine, I Was Burnt, By the Sun.