Barry Louis Polisar

Ant And The Grasshopper

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This is the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper

(part II: What They didn't Tell you)

You've heard the first part: the Grasshopper plays the fiddle and sings while the ants work, storing food for the winter.

Then when it comes time to eat, the ants eat what they had stored while the grasshopper starves.

But what they didn't tell you is what happened the next year.

There was no grasshopper to play music, so...there was no music......Without music, the ants didn't work as hard.

In fact, they got bored with working and started to call in sick. Production was down. Those that came to work didn't pay attention to what they were doing; they got sloppy. They stored food in places where other insects ate it up. They were grumpy. Ill mannered. Crime was up.

Their lives turned grey and boring. Things began to fall apart.

The ant leaders realized that they weren't getting things done like they used to. So they decided to find out why.

A bunch of ants got together to see if they could figure out what was wrong. After careful study, they announced that they needed music to get the other ants to work better....

but the grasshopper who played the music was long gone.....

So, a group of ants were appointed to look for someone to play music.

Some of the ants didn't like the kind of music the group decided on so they got together to find someone else to play the music they wanted
to hear.

Another group was appointed to decide what kind of music should be played.

Another group got together to decide when the music should be played.

And another group made sure that the music the first groups picked was "appropriate" for ants.

Before they knew it, none of the ants were working because they were all too busy being on committees trying to figure out what music was good and
what music was bad.

Winter came. They hadn't stored up any food. In fact they hadn't done anything. And the whole hill of ants went hungry.

The moral of the story boys and, if you can't figure it out, form a committee

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