Antarctica Song

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she started off that morning & she was on her way
"don't go, it's suicide," he said, but she would not obey
she was leaving, leaving him, but not "leaving" him, like they say
and all he could think of was those long-ago summer days
when they walked the streets all night
and the future was bright
and everything was right as rain
the sun beat down and never found a frown
but would you look at them now.

"i only want your happiness," he said
but if you looked in his eyes
you could see that he was holding back
you could tell he was telling lies
"you know i gotta do this," she said,
"you know at least i gotta try"
well he said "yeah,"
and then he turned around
cos he couldn't let her see him cry
he was thinking of the time they spent
and all the places they went
and how they wouldn't make a dent on her now
he'd always known she was the ramblin' type
she had a bigger life
she had a better life
how long could he expect to hold on
to his old-fashioned notions of what was right and what was wrong?
how long could he expect to hold on
to an ephemeral girl?

he woke up in his bed, and he was in that bed alone
he knew he had to get up, but all he could do
was just lay there and moan
"Good morning, sunshine, sleep okay?"
he said, and kind of laughed
i wanna smell the smell of you but i know it's in the past
remember all the things we'd do
and all the vows that seemed true
there's all these pictures of you in my head
remember how i scorned your words
and how i made you hurt
i treated you like dirt
how long could i expect to hold on
to my half-baked ideas of what made us get along?
how long could i expect to hold on
to an ephemeral girl?