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You are alone, you, the dwarf, to control this planet
Advanced technologies to rule this savage land,
This young world is just born
Your mutilated corpse can't live without assistance,
Your soul seems ripped & torn
You're like an engineer prisoner of his fate

Help me to leave this alternative world

I've waited your arrival, I knew it for a long time
My story is so long , I know about your quest, I saw future & past
I was a scientist, a special engineer, working for a high cast
I have built a machine which breaks the walls of time

Now I am here
My machine is dead
I'm prisoner of this time

I've travelled through time & during a distortion my engine was broken
I'm on my planet forgotten in this age, on my body, my pain is written


I bring you on my board
Take your technology which keeping you alive & to serve my desire
We arrive at the gate, you & the computer, you prepare the transfer
We escape from this world

Now we're back
We will find
The answers of my mind