Indian love

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Anything that moves is sacred
and the wind that stirs up mountains
with care and tenderness, my love.

Like the flame that lits up
every day if I see you walk by
and everything turns around you
like an arch of promise
painted over the blue of the sea.

The bees that make honey,
time passing slowly by,
the star that moves in the sky,
with the wish I had in mind,

and was later granted
to feel very close to each other.

And be everything,
every day we live

being faithful to what we said
and be everything.

Yes, all love is sacred;
and the result of your labour
it is more than sacred, my love.

Even the flour you use to make bread
has the light of your effort.
Remember that a dream is sacred
and provides new paths
to the time we have been offered by life.

A roof for the winter,
strolling when the weather is nice,
meeting again in autumn,
walking in spring,

and during the summer if it’s warm,
between vineyards be able to dance
and go hand in hand
within the granted wish
to feel your love
and be everything.

Yes, all love is sacred...

Autor(es): Beto Guedes, Ronaldo Bastos

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