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Vanished, abandoned, perished
The divine light never shone
On my carnal cage
Seeking out the worst aspects
Of faith in God
I am the tomb of holiness

I am incarnation of freedom
The one and only supreme being
I am the enemy of your savior

The concept of omnipotence
Is the inmost dimension of the I
Denied the slavery of mind
Denied the filthy name of God

Churches delivers of untruth
I shan't yield to your speeches
Your dear creator
In goodness collapsed
Through Evil I crystallize

believers shall not know
Eternal life but death

Obscene are your hopes
As miserable is your life
Naive, contemptible condition
Your dogma, your creed
Were founded on lies
We'll all meet six feet under

Believe, pray, love
Holy blind followers
Believe, pray, love
Your soul's doomed to rot

Rejected, left to wander
I choose the path of oneness
And integrity
Myself in war against all
I shall infect, reckless and strong