An Unreal Dream? Today's Dream

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Sex, drugs and rock n' roll
It seems to be youth's base
Guys on the spree all night long
Living empty adventures

When you get home
High on pot and hurt
Letting your old man worried
They get you grounded, dress you down

This is gonna be our youth
Lost in polluted dreams
Astonished at mixed up thoughts
Making our world whacko

Be a cool chap
Smoke a good one, go for a good fix
Let's trip together
See the world in a different way

Let's fuck all night long
Let's get high with the chicks
This is cool, this is fashion
Talk mean to your old buddy
Louzy discos, car racing in the
Empty talks, I'm gonna be high
Make sex to put on airs
Status quo can't let be down

Gang fights in the streets
Awful, empty death
Driving your old ones nuts
This is to be young today

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