A Pagan Lament

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The Horned God guards this special night
Our breasts sparkled by the flickering light
We lie by the Beltane fires
As sunlight fades
As one with all nature's beasts
Pagan gods rise
Let us now feast
On our desires

The great Earth-Mother, the god with horns
Heathendom we praise
Our nakedness the sky adorns
With silver moonlights glaze

My body seems enslaved
Next to the fire, I'm falling down
I feed my heart, for what it craves
Witchcraft flows free 'neath midnight's gown

A prophet sober, a festering heart
A loving whore tears us apart
A cross for the fire, and our gods depart

By the fire we lie
Ecstasy beneath the sky
Dance around, nature-bound, one with the galaxy
Celebrate the first of May with fertility

All witches gather for the great mother
And one upon an oaken throne
Fair maiden, walk by my side
Jump the fire and be my bride
Our faithful coven grants us a year
Wed by nature we'll be

Whence he came he bore the cross
And with it came what he told of, what he held as dearest:
His god

And this strange harbinger, he had eyes glowing with fire
When he told of god's glorious empire
And we were lost
The cross's shadow silenced all the laughter in the woods
All our love
It denied all our ancient gods
And wiped us...


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