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In you i saw the fear that destroys
You were infected by it.
Fear is an illness, that crawls into souls and contaminates peace.
You didn't grow up to live in fear
Erase it from your heart, don't bring it with you.

Join us on the sacred hill of our fathers
And ask their spirits to guide us.
Sweet pitying mother protect them from suffering.

Oh brothers who are sleeping,
You have touched the cold morning of this day
But now you cannot feel the ice of the night.

We fight 'cause the gallows goddess has no mercy upon the weak
Her soul is waiting for yours in the shade of the cypress
Before this day comes to its end i will leave this world
And again i will embrace hell's torments with pleasure.

You are afraid of me, it is right you feel it
For you all, ignoble beings, the sacred time is coming.
Beware of the sun obscurity
Beware of the man who leads the jaguar
Look at him reviving from the mud and dust.

He will erase the sky and scrape the earth
He will sweep you away and put an end to your world
He is with us now.
Soon the day will look like the night.
And you'll be led to your end.