The Long Blondes


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eighty percent of lovers never forget their first
that significant other who's departure makes things worse
well, this is you down to a tee
i can see you won't forget her
yet she met untimely death a year ago

this is

appropriation by any other name
you can't have me and make me act the same
the way you treat me is inappropriate
but you dont stop to think about that

a mutual acquaintance claims you're wise beyond your years
with a love of conversation most unrivalled by your peers
still, the lingering malaise of british rail and whether foxes should be killed or not is her concern, not mine

what would you do if i didn't come back to you tonight?
well, i'm not always at your beck and call you know
i know how your mind works now:
you just want a nearly new replacement

when I met you, i never wore dresses like that
but i've been sitting here now for thirty minutes and you haven't said a word
but i don't have the guts to get on the bus
so i end up getting a lift back to yours
and the cycle starts over again
the cycle starts all over again

stop this man...

Autor(es): Kate Jackson

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