A Quiet Night At Home

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Oh, thank God! I haven't seen your belly button for hours.

Does it look good?
I don't have the advantage you do of it being way out in front of me
Y'know, I've noticed some of my clothes are missing...

Yeah, I think we've all noticed that.

Ready ladies? Wow, are you performing?

If you're lucky.

I'm not going

What do you mean?

I mean, no. Fucking go already...


Well, you have a good night. And don't touch anything.

...said the whore, uncharacteristically...

A quiet night at home,
Silent night,
The joy to pass a quiet night at home,
A quiet night at home,
All my friends are gone,
And once again I find myself alone,
A quiet night at home,
Just me and my good shepherd,
He and I could count a million sheep,
A quiet night at home,
Filling up the time 'til finally I get to sleep.
A quiet night at home,
Mother's worried glances,
Take my hand, smile sadly, sigh,
Words of wisdom,
Talk of ships and princes,
Soothing sagas laced with love and lies,
Sadness, who me sad?
A quiet night at home,
My favorite place,
"Honey, It'll be okay.
Slim down, dear. Things will change.
After all, you've such a pretty face."
A quiet night at home,
Sing my siren's song,
Attracting none, my ship just won't come in,
Clinging to the rigged Rock of Ages,
Never, ever even get the chance to sin,
Spending two productive hours,
Tearing through a hundred pages,
What a tale of star-crossed lovers!
Life is lived on other stages,
Pain adores me,
God ignores me,
Always thinking, thinking,
Sinking, never dancing,
Never asked in asking why,
Why the never?
Never cry, far to clever,
Big girl...Big girl,
Ships and princes,
All gone home,
Alone again,
Again alone,
A quiet night at home,
No thoughts of why,
A quiet night at home spent,
Getting by.

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