A Shadow Underneath

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Lisa heard a whisper in her computer screen
And in the sad laser flicker of the Xerox machine
Out the tinted windows, a car sped silently
And everything was quiet, everything was clean
But she felt something waiting, a shadow underneath
Ohh, a shadow underneath

Another cup of coffee, snacks from the machine
She stared down the hallway at the plastic trees
Waving under air ducts in the automated breeze
A whisper, a flicker, trembling in the leaves
And she wanted to see it, but she didn't want to see
Ohh, she didn't want to see

Down the elevator, falling silently
In the parking lot, silver puddles cling
A canyon of buildings, lazy pipes of steam
And all of it whispered, all of it breathed
And all the little shadows danced around her feet
Ohh, they danced around her feet

And she wanted so see them, but she didn't want to see
Ohh, she didn't want to see

Autor(es): Brett Sparks / Rennie Sparks

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